As a Christian presence in the community of Flemingdon Park, we are committed to walking alongside our neighbours, offering hope and empowering members of our community to become healthy - in mind, body and spirit.

Many of our neighbours are new Canadians and we are mindful of the challenges they face as they adapt to life in their new homeland.
One of our most successful programs, the Skills Training to Access Resources (STAR) project encourages participants to set goals for themselves, and empowers them by providing the resources that they will need to accomplish them. Since 2008, Project STAR has helped over 300 people move closer to their settlement goals, in an environment that is responsive to their linguistic and cultural needs. In fact, both of our professional STAR Case Managers are graduates of the program!

Our after-school programme gives students in grades K - 12 a healthy adjunct to their school experience. In addition to homework help, students participate in leadership building activities, crafts and drama, and outdoor activities. Older students develop leadership skills by mentoring younger students, helping them with their homework and providing positive role models.

Visitors to Flemingdon Park Ministry are always welcome to drop in during weekday hours. We offer hot meals and snacks, a computer lab, copier services, and an open library filled with books and magazines. We are committed to providing a safe and inclusive space, where community members can come to hang out, establish connections, and make new friends.
Flemingdon Park Ministry continues to seek out new and meaningful ways to establish connections within our community, and to foster hope and empowerment among those in need.